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If you are looking for a secure, convenient, and free way to make payments, then you should consider using UPI.

The latest UPI statistics as of May 2023, based on the provided search results:

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According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the total number of UPI transactions in April 2023 was over 2.5 billion, with a total value of over INR 5.5 trillion.

UPI has facilitated inter-bank, peer-to-peer, and merchant transfers, making financial transactions much more accessible for account holders [3].

The progressive advancement of UPI has not just constructed an efficient payment instrument, but it has connected millions in an inclusive manner [1].

UPI has the potential to be a major facilitator of financial inclusion in India, enabling a large portion of the population to access financial services [2].

The Indian government's push towards a digital economy has led to significant growth in digital payments, particularly through platforms such as BHIM-UPI, IMPS, PPIs, and NETC systems.

These payment methods have transformed digital payment ecosystems by increasing P2P and P2M payments.

The government has coordinated with multiple stakeholders to promote digital payments in a convenient, affordable, quick, and secure manner, with the objective of achieving a cashless society and enabling financial inclusion for all citizens.

Overall, UPI has been a game-changer for the Indian economy, enabling seamless and fast digital payments, reducing the reliance on cash, and bringing financial services to a large section of the population.


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